Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thesis Work

Here are a handful of oil paintings for the picture book I'm working on.  Most are roughly 17"x 20" ish...

 Graphite drawing on gessoed masonite.

The scene above is a good example of where these paintings reach a pivotal decision making point.  Where, and how much opaque paint to utilize on top of this more or less finished wash layer/ drawing.

Good example of illustration problem solving;  "what we have here... is a failure to communicate."  In my underdrawing, the arm on the right hand figure wasn't reading and neither was the baby grand piano in the back...which I bought in Chinatown for this very scene.  Also, the gesture of the figure on the far left was too similar to the one of the far right.   Sooo...


...I repainted a large portion of the piece after the first few layers were down, adding a pipe to the left figure and changing the gesture of the right foreground's hand.  The piano Christmas ornament I used for reference was a waste, but I like it better now.  And I learned from it!  Even if I did waste hours on Ebay searching for doll furniture.

Riding the rails over the great Mississippi.

Sensing a musical element yet?

The most fun I've had drawing in a while.

 Nearly at the level of some of the more refined pieces in the book.  Still, a fun two page landscape of the book.
More later!


  1. TODD. i am so proud of you. dying to see them all. don't make me wait until july!

  2. never thought I'd live to see the day dude. Great stuff!

  3. Hi Todd, This is jess' mom. I'm very impressed with your work. Would love to see more! Are you coming back to the 'burg anytime soon? Would love to talk to you about having a picture gathering done...??

  4. Stella wanted me to tell you that you were supposed to wait for her to paint a picture. She was amazed by your art as well as the rest of us. Absolutely astounding!!! The detail is so intense!