Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Art Lotto Portrait

A blog post is well over due so I'll try to include some back payments in the coming weeks.  Things happen in life and suddenly you run out of time.  Also, sometimes you just can't post certain work.  

Heres a portrait of fellow artist, Kurt Rosenberger, I did for a collaborative "Art Lotto" in which 40 odd artists from the community and abroad drew names out of an old Bingo ball tumbler.  The artist drawing a name then created a portrait in his or her selected medium of the artist they randomly drew to be revealed in a joint show three months down the road.  Everyone created one portrait and had a portrait created of them.  The beautiful brain child of Brandy Somers and Denise Kanter Allen. 

I was lucky to draw my good buddy Kurt's name.  Props to his patience and shoulder endurance while photographing him for this 9"x 14" oil painting.